All Set for The Shoot - How To Prepare, What To Bring

Whether it’s a staged family getaway or mock wedding, there are a few tried and true ways you can show up prepared and confident for a styled photo shoot. Here are our four pro tips on how to best prepare and what to bring so you will be all set for the shoot.

Plan Ahead

Most stylists will have detailed vision for their styled shoot down to which vendors they want to be involved. Be on the lookout for instructions leading up to the shoot - if you have questions about where you need to be and when then don’t be shy and ask.

Earn extra brownie points by asking for all the vendors’ social media handles and hashtags so you can tag snaps appropriately the day of the shoot (be sure to make sure okay to post first).

Find Your Fit

Many shoots will have models fitted a week or so before the shoot is scheduled. This means you will make an appointment to go into the boutique or store for styling and fitting.

Bring the shoes (or a couple options) you plan to wear for the shoot - this will help make sure hems are pinned to the right length. Ladies, we also recommend bringing the bra options you plan to use as this will help determine if you need stickies, strapless, etc…

Go to the fitting with hair presentable and very light makeup (be mindful of make up when taking clothes on and off). Most stylist will want some shots to share with other vendors so you want to put your best foot forward.

Pack Your Go-Bag

We love a good go-bag! Essentials include the couple pairs of shoes you took with you to your fitting (plus flip flops), neutral/nude undergarments, stickies, fashion tape, your own brush, a bottle of water, your makeup bag with lip gloss and mascara.

We also recommend a book or printed materials to read, in case there is no wifi available to talent. If you are going to be watching videos on your phone, be sure to wear headphones.

Some shoots take a few hours, so snacks aren’t a terrible idea either, but go with something clean and quick like a power bar.

Show Up For Shoot Day

It’s the big day! By now you should know where you need to be (mapped with time allotments) and when, along with having a rough idea of what you’re wearing for the shoot.

Your outfits will likely be onsite, so plan to wear clothes that are both decent quality (no heart-print PJs…) and easy to get in and out of- zip or button front.

Unless otherwise instructed by your stylist, go with fresh/dry hair, neutral nails and a clean face. If make-up isn’t being done onsite, we like to stick with a day-look. Remember your grab bag? Let your stylist make a lipstick selection from what you bring.

Spoiler alert, we recommend getting onsite early - leave plenty of time to avoid traffic, find parking and arrive stress-free.

Styled shoots are great fun and even more enjoyable when you are prepared. Team Trinity is in your corner from booking to onsite so be sure to get in touch with any questions about your shoot.

For our veteran models, what did we miss? Are there any essentials you won’t leave home without for shoot day?

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