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When it comes to modeling, we find there is a common misconception around what makes talent more compelling to prospective clients. So much more than how you look behind a lense or on a runway or pedestal, it often has to do with your ability to be a brand ambassador.

Yes, clients may have a certain look in mind, but if they’re sifting through snaps of beautiful, 28-year-old brunettes, its personality and passion that frequently drives the final decision on who gets booked.

Brand Ambassador Defined

A brand ambassador is someone who serves as a representative at an event or within a community (online or in-person) for a brand - ideally, this representation is done in a positive way that generates interest and buzz about that brand.

Your mind is probably going straight to social media as an example of brand ambassadors - these individuals use their platforms to talk about and draw attention to a brand among their following.

Good news, you don’t need a million and five followers to be a great brand ambassador - you simply need to show up well with the goal of making the brand you’re representing proud.

3 Tips For Being The Best Brand Ambassador

  • Do your homework. Follow the brand you’re wearing or walking for on social media, peruse their website and get a sense for their personality, values and ideal target market. Then visit their website and read about their mission and value statement.

  • Know what you’re wearing. Make sure you know the designer along with any strong selling points about the garments or accessories. For example, it’s more than a “pretty wedding dress”, it’s a “gown designed by Carol Hannah Bridal known for her fabrics, whimsical designs and amazing draping.”

  • Show up well. Behavior on set or at a show makes a world of difference to the client. Not only will they appreciate common courtesies like showing up on time, with a variety of appropriate shoes, following direction, and rolling with shifts and changes to the initial plan, but you can take this a step further by being a true team player.

For instance, at an event for Charleston Fashion Week, we were wowed by a model who not only knew the ins and outs of her look, but was a delight to the backstage team, made a point socialize with attendees, and patiently answered questions from guests about her designer and attire.

She stood out from the crowd and stayed top of mind for the client by being far more than another pretty face - she was a stellar brand ambassador.

If you want to learn more about honing your modeling skills or becoming a brand ambassador, get in touch with us today.

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