Behind the Scenes of Styled Shoots

Huspa Styled Shoot - Photo by Fiddlehead Photography

What They Are, How They Come Together and the Secrets of Talent Selection

Flashing lights! By now you’ve likely heard the term “styled shoot” and oogled over these stunners splashed across a full-page spread of your favorite magazine or peppered over your Instagram feed.

As upcoming talent, this begs the question, “How do I get in on the fun?!” To better answer that let’s start with defining what a styled shoot is and how it comes together.

Huspa Styled Shoot - Photo by Fiddlehead Photography

What is a Styled Shoot?

A style shoot is a collaborative effort among a selection of vendors to come together and produce a beautiful mock event in the interest of inspiring their clientele and creating commercial fodder for marketing materials and social media. To curb production costs, often styled shoots are coordinated among vendors in trade for professional photos and the promised value of networking.

A styled shoot is NOT usually high fashion or editorial – these shoots tend to be softer and aim for a more organic presentation. They are meant to help viewers picture themselves in a certain space with a certain vibe.

Typically instigated by a photographer or event planner, styled shoots often stem from an artistic vision with a central point, such as a gown or a venue.

Huspa Styled Shoot - Photo By Olive & Ivory Photography

How Does a Styled Shoot Come Together?

Ready for a real-life example? A photographer falls in love with a pair of teal blue satin block heels and is inspired to do a styled shoot around a bride who would wear those beautiful shoes on her big day. She starts to craft a vision around who this bride would be – a bit of a free spirit with an appreciation for tradition who would want to combine classic elements with some unique details. Soon a vision starts to form around a garden setting with rich jewel tones to compliment this soft, feminine bride.

The photographer then starts shaking the trees for interested collaborators – she finds a boutique to offer a couple gown options, an event rental company to provide accent furniture, a florist to do some arrangements, and so on...

Now our photographer must put her project management hat on to coordinate vendor schedules and pull the various pieces together for her shoot all while adapting her vision to accommodate ideas and contributions from her selected collaborators.

With all these moving parts, styled shoots often feel like orchestrated symphonies with the final result being a culmination of intricate planning, detailed coordination and artistic inspiration.

Huspa Styled Shoot - Photo by Olive & Ivory Photography

How Is Talent Selected?

Bringing this full circle and back to you as our upcoming talent, when it comes to selecting models for styled shoots, the mastermind will want faces and personalities to make the vision come to life. All that to say, styled shoots often do not subscribe to one look or type for their models.

Another real-life example, a local resort started the ball rolling on a styled shoot to promote summer family vacations. This client wanted to showcase three generations enjoying time together at the pool selecting male and female models ranging in ages from 5 to 65.

Although these models were strangers beforehand, by the end of the shoot you couldn’t tell they weren’t truly one big happy family.

The moral here is that styled shoots frequently embrace diversity among models and welcome all kinds of ages, looks and sizes. As an aspiring model, your best approach is to embrace your unique beauty and focus on honing your skills as a brand ambassador and courteous collaborator.

At Trinity, we love styled shoots because they tend to showcase the dynamic beauty found across ages, shapes and sizes. On that note, Trinity is looking to expand its talent portfolio and is currently hunting for men and women in their early thirties and in the 55+ range.

Don’t stress, no runway required! If you’re interested in learning more or are ready to kick-off your modeling career, let’s chat.

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